Development of food products

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 25, October 2020
Stubler A.-S., Heinz V., Aganovic K.
Food production entails a series of steps and operations that convert raw biomass into final products suitable for human consumption. Along the production chain, an enormous amount of side stream is generated. On one side, these represent a burden for the producers due to related disposal issues. On the other hand, many side streams are recognised as a valuable mass containing broad variety of health beneficial and functional ingredients. Besides being a valuable source for extraction of single compounds, direct conversion of side streams into products would save huge amount of effort and resources. Selection of the side stream and processing technology have direct impact on important quality attributes, process efficiency and sustainability. This review summarises studies performed within the last 3 years, focusing on possibilities of various sources, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, coffee production, as well as new alternative ingredients insects, algae, grass and microorganisms. Finally, consumer perception and legal status are shortly addressed.