The Effect of Exposure to Sexual Violence on Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Distress in Pregnant Women

Elsevier, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 17, December 2020
Alan Dikmen H., Cankaya S.
Background: Sexual dysfunction and sexual distress are common during pregnancy, but the effects of exposure to sexual violence on sexual dysfunction and sexual distress in pregnant women is unknown. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of sexual violence on female sexual dysfunction and sexual distress. Methods: This is a descriptive study. Data were collected between December 2019 and April 2020 from 605 pregnant women. Outcomes: The data were collected with a Data Collection Form (The socio-demographic and obstetric characteristics and exposure to sexual violence were evaluated with questions.), Female Sexual Function Index, and Female Sexual Distress Scale-Revised. Results: In our study, sexual dysfunction was found in 72.9% of the pregnant women, and sexual distress was found in 38.2%. It was found that 11.6% of the women were exposed to sexual violence in their then-current pregnancy. While the rate of sexual distress was found to be significantly higher in women who were exposed to sexual violence during pregnancy (P