Evidence review: Food supply chains and child and adolescent diets

Elsevier, Global Food Security, Volume 27, 2020, 100443, ISSN 2211-9124,
Stella Nordhagen

This paper synthesizes literature on the relationship between food supply chains and children's and adolescents' diets and food accessibility. A scoping review was used to identify 47 original studies and seven review articles covering an additional 106 original studies. Studies were primarily cross-sectional and case studies, and most focused on younger children. Evidence was most extensive for production in food-producing households, suggesting modest positive associations and impacts. Few high-quality studies were found assessing linkages between overall food supply chains or mid-chain components (handling, storage, transport) and diets or food accessibility. Key research gaps identified include studies measuring impact along longer supply-chain pathways and a focus on children and adolescents as producers and consumers with their own agency.