Imprints of seawater intrusion on groundwater quality and evolution in the coastal districts of south Gujarat, India

Elsevier, Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Volume 3, June 2021
Bhagat C., Puri M., Mohapatra P.K., Kumar M.
Quantification and extent mapping of seawater intrusive zones are extremely critical for coastal aquifers, especially for those impacted with anthropogenic stress. In this regard, the present study has attempted to evaluate, demarcate and compare the evolving hydrochemistry of the two most exploited aquifers situated along the western coast of India, i.e. Valsad and Navsari. Through an integrated application of water indices, major ion chemistry and statistical analysis, a probable scenario with respect to groundwater quality and the impeding causes concerning it has been suggested. The present work provides a detailed first-hand experience of the coastal aquifers of western India, currently perturbed by excessive groundwater abstraction and the consequent seawater intrusion.