Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression - Chapter 7 Tools to aid precision treatments to prevent or manage treatment-resistant depression (TRD)

Pharmacogenomics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Elsevier, Managing Treatment-Resistant Depression: Road to Novel Therapeutics, Volume , 1 January 2022
Lisa C. Brown, Daniel J. Mueller, Harris A. Eyre, Chad Bousman, John F. Greden

Medication-based treatment-resistant depression care is plagued by trial and error. Fortunately, novel and advanced personalized medicine approaches provide hope and innovation to tailor these treatments. Careful analysis of these emerging solutions is critical to determine how and when to use them in clinical care, and what further research is needed. The implementation of these precision medicine solutions in treatment-resistant depression remains modest. Although barriers to implementing precision medicine solutions remain to be fully resolved, the current trajectory of discovery and innovation in the field suggests these barriers will be overcome and testing will become an important tool in depression care.