Microplastics in the coastal environment of Mediterranean and the impact on sustainability level

Elsevier, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 29, October 2022
Chatziparaskeva G., Papamichael I., Zorpas A.A.

The effects emanated from Microplastic Pollution (MPs) on human health, the environment, economy, society have been explored in the past with little to no collective knowledge assembled regarding areas in dire need of combating marine pollution. Mediterranean coastal environments, constitute a main area of interest regarding MPs accumulation, especially due to the economic dependency of the area on touristic activities and the depreciation of high touristic attractions due to coastal and marine waste. This review paper analyzes the abundance, the marine contamination, and accumulation of MPs in Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) and Western Mediterranean (France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania) countries. The estimated inputs of MPs into the Mediterranean Coastal belt and impacts on the economic and environmental sector are presented by country as well as the general health and marine life implications of marine pollution. The viability of existing monitoring tools (KPIs) is introduced, to provide knowledge regarding the necessity of strategy development to combat marine plastic pollution.