Microplastics occurrence and fate in the environment

Graphical abstract
Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 32, December 2021
Rios Mendoza L.M., Leon Vargas D., Balcer M.

Microplastics (MPs) are found in all conceivable media from air, sediments, soils, freshwater, seawater, and organisms, including humans. This paper emphasizes current advances in the study of MPs and presents a review of recent two years of literature on the occurrence and fate of these particles in the environment. The occurrence and fate of MPs are affected by their characteristics and interaction with the media in the environment, including particle mobility and transport processes. The distribution patterns of MPs are affected by their shape, with fibers being transported farther from their sources because they are lighter and smaller. Some results showed that MP distribution is not affected by meteorological parameters or by their density. Soils were shown as important sources of MPs. There are many possible sources of MPs in the environment, and many studies focus on explaining the occurrence and fate of these particles. However, still, MPs transportation is one of the topics that needs more research data.