Multi-period hub location problem with serial demands: A case study of humanitarian aids distribution in Lebanon

Elsevier, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Volume 149, May 2021
Neamatian Monemi R., Gelareh S., Nagih A., Maculan N., Danach K.
In this paper, we address the problem of humanitarian aids distribution across refugee camps in war-ridden areas from a network design perspective. We show that the problem can be modeled as a variant of multi-period hub location problem with a particular demand pattern resulted by the user's behavior. The problem has been motivated by a case study of Lebanese experience in Syrian war refugee accommodation. We elaborate on the complexity and real-life constraints and, propose a compact formulation of a mathematical model of the problem. We then show that modeling the problem using a Benders paradigm drives O(n3) variables of the original compact model unnecessary in addition to the constraints that are being projected out in a typical Benders decomposition. Additionally, we identify several classes of valid inequalities together with efficient separation procedures leading to a cut-and-Benders approach. Our extensive computational experiments on the case study with real data as well as randomly generated instances proves the performance of proposed solution methods.