Pandemic Risk, Response, and Resilience- Chapter 1: COVID-19 pandemic, global spread, issues, and challenges

Elsevier, Pandemic Risk, Response, and Resilience, COVID-19 Responses in Cities Around the World, 2022, Pages 3-12
Indrajit Pal, Rajib Shaw, Ganesh Dhungana

COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly has a long-term implication for various aspects of governance. The coupled impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and natural hazards in global perspectives provided the opportunities to researchers, academicians, decision-makers, and practitioners to opening up new research avenues and policy requirements. Integrated assessment to quantify the societal consequences of the pandemic is the need of the hour to develop a comprehensive global response and recovery plan to regain the unprecedented impacts to global governance. The book is an attempt to conduct the assessment for regaining global phenomena; it is important to understand the cutting-edge vulnerability and deprivation to address inequalities between countries and shifting modality in risk governance. The case studies of COVID-19 pandemic impacts, governance, and consequences have been analyzed from various perspectives at the local, national, and regional levels.