Reimagining health services and policy research: Embedding environmental sustainability into our research priorities and practice

Elsevier, The Journal of Climate Change and Health, Volume 2, May 2021, 100011
Anna Cooper Reed, Danielle Toccalino, Colin Sue-Chue-Lam, Anson Cheung, Nada Dalia, Sujane Kandasamy, Hyejun Kim, Kirsten Lee, Emma McDermott, Lydia Mychaltchouk, Josalyn Radcliffe, Adam Raymakers, Joann Varickanickal, Helen Wong, Roxanne Ziman and Victoria Haldan

The health impacts of the climate crisis demand that health systems adapt their practices and mitigate their carbon emissions. Health services and policy research (HSPR) is crucial for the transformation of these systems. We report on an initiative by HSPR trainees from across Canada to ideate on health systems transformation towards environmental sustainability. We outline how environmental sustainability must be embedded into HSPR. We suggest that this process must include a justice-based approach and that HSPR curricula, conduct, and content must consider the health of people and the planet. Furthermore, these endeavours must be supported by funding opportunities and granting organizations. We then offer ways forward for trainees, and those who support them, to ensure environmental sustainability is embedded within HSPR.