Responsible shipping for sustainable development: Adoption and performance value

Elsevier, Transport Policy, Volume 130, January 2023
Xue Y., Lai K.-H.

Responsible shipping is attracting increasing attention in shipping industry, but a systematic analysis of its concept is scanty. Different stakeholders ranging from shippers and carriers to government and non-government associations have expressed worries and expectations about responsible consumption and production in shipping industry. This paper aims to advance the knowledge by exploring the adoption and performance value of responsible shipping practices. Using the concept analysis approach, we first construct a two-folder conceptual framework with strategic folder and practical folder considering the dual-role of shipping industry in servicing trade activities of the global economy. Accordingly, we carry out a two-way interpretation of responsible shipping in economic, environmental, social performance dimensions as well as supporting measures in resources and technological aspects at the strategic folder, and five processes (design, operations, management, governance, finance) at the practical folder. To examine the adoption and performance value of responsible shipping, we develop propositions concerning its implementation elements as well as the favorable conditions for adoption and the performance value. The framework provides insights to guide managers in shipping industry to design, plan, and implement responsible practices to meet the escalating public expectations for shipping operations in servicing international trade and global supply chain activities.