Simulated Based Dementia Training: Impact on Empathic Understanding and Behaviour Among Professionals and Carers

Elsevier, Clinical Simulation in Nursing, Volume 55, June 2021
Slater P., Hasson F., Moore K., Sharkey F.
Background: Simulation-based experiences provide learning opportunities into the world of people living with dementia, however limited research into its effectiveness exists. Methods: A quasi-experimental design was used to examine the impact of the virtual dementia tour on empathetic thinking, understanding and person care. Study participants included carers and multi-health professionals (n = 223). Results: Empathetic understanding of symptoms, its impact on the provision of person-centred practice were all scored as neutral. Significant positive changes were reported on all measures post intervention, across all demographics. Discussion: Virtual reality offers an opportunity to understand the isolated, fragmented and confusing world of the person with dementia.