Transgender and gender diverse health education for future nurses: Students' knowledge and attitudes

Elsevier, Nurse Education Today, Volume 97, February 2021, 104690
Athena D.F.Sherman, Alex McDowell, Kristen D.Clark, Monique Balthazar, Meredith Klepper, and Kelly Bower

To fill the gap in TGD-related nursing education, the Transgender Curriculum Integration Project (TCIP) developed and integrated an evidence-based curriculum specific to TGD health into the pre-licensure accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing Science (BSN) program at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. The purpose of this study was to assess the preliminary efficacy and feasibility (i.e., attrition, engagement, acceptability) of the TCIP in improving the TGD-related health knowledge and attitudes among a sample of pre-licensure nursing students.