UN sustainable development goals: How can sustainable/green chemistry contribute? Green chemistry as a source of sustainable innovations in the cosmetic industry

Elsevier, Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Volume 13, October 2018
Hitce J., Xu J., Brossat M., Frantz M.-C., Dublanchet A.-C., Philippe M. et al.
Sustainable innovation is a key-objective for our Group that has recently integrated the principles of sustainable development into all stages of a product's life cycle, from its design to consumer use. The following ambitious commitment: 100% of its products should bring an environmental (or social benefit) by 2020, will be reached, in particular, by integrating and giving a constant privilege to renewable raw materials -or ingredients-that originate from sustainable resources that fully comply with the green chemistry rules. In this short review, integration of Green Chemistry principles by our Group, strategies to identify new performing ingredients through sustainable chemistry as well as illustrative examples of innovative raw materials will be presented. With regard to the crucial respect of the environment of our planet, sustainable chemistry has become an indispensable turning point for industrial groups highly devoted to innovation.