Virtual Tai-Chi System: A smart-connected modality for rehabilitation

Elsevier, Smart Health, Volume 9-10, December 2018
Liang Y., Wu D., Ledesma D., Davis C., Slaughter R., Guo Z.
This work intends to develop an intelligent, four-dimensional (namely X-Y-Z plus somatosensory), partial control, and virtual-reality-enabled Tai-Chi System (VTCS). Tai-Chi is a traditional mind-body wellness and healing art, and its clinical benefits have been well documented. VTCS integrates Tai-Chi with a series of cutting-edge computer technologies including 4D sensor technology, big-data, signal processing and analysis, human body kinematics, deep learning, virtual reality, and 4D-reconstruction, etc. The aforementioned system will generate a controllable and consistent 4D experience to help, push and coach (HPC) people to get involved in sports activities. In particular, VTCS makes Tai-Chi movements suitable to individuals who suffer from mobility disabilities due to diseases or injuries as an accessible rehabilitation and fitness modality. VTCS consists of the following modules: acquisition, transmission and reconstruction of user׳s 4D data, data preprocessing, identification of user׳s kinetic movement, and individualized movement choreography. Under the support of collaborative hospitals, the physiological and psychological benefits brought about by VTCS will be critically assessed.