3D Printing in Podiatric Medicine - Chapter 9: Human podiatric disabilities and their correction using a 3D printed technology: a short review

Elsevier, 3D Printing in Podiatric Medicine, Volume , 1 January 2022
Gupta M., Dhingra G., Sandhu K.

Podiatric manufacturing is one of the dynamic sectors wherein frequent changes are vital due to the desire of the lost cost of podiatric products, flexibility in design, quality, and speed to the market. Globally, in developed and developing countries human podiatric disabilities are common issues. Various efforts have been made by doctors, surgeons, engineers, designers, and ergonomists using traditional and current 21st-century technology to overcome this problem. Indeed, 3DP (3DP) technology plays a vital role in this field of work, due to its advantages over the traditional methods like lower low cost, flexibility, sustainability, and minimization of extra tooling. This chapter is brief on types of human podiatry disabilities and its corrections methods using traditional, 3DP technology and its challenges.