Advances in Food Security and Sustainability - Chapter Two: Gender inequality and food insecurity: A dozen years after the food price crisis, rural women still bear the brunt of poverty and hunger

Elsevier, Advances in Food Security and Sustainability, Volume 5, 2020, Pages 53-117
Hélène Botreau and Marc J. Cohen

The global food price crisis of 2007–08 had devastating impacts for the world's poorest people, especially for smallholder farmers and in particular for women, who face discrimination and a heavy burden of household responsibility. The international policy response to the crisis saw the launch of numerous new initiatives and instruments, but funding has been insufficient and policies have failed to address the structural deficiencies in the global food system. A dozen years on, in light of climate change and increased conflict, new policies are needed to reorient the food system so that it prioritizes smallholder communities, with a renewed focus on the needs and aspirations of women.