Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Smart City Planning: Chapter One - A study on the perceptions of officials on their duties and responsibilities at various levels of the organizational structure

Elsevier, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Smart City Planning, 2023, pp 1-10
Manoharan G., Durai S., Rajesh G.A., Razak A., Rao C.B.S., Ashtikar S.P.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in handling almost every modern-day requirement. AI is not intended to replace or duplicate humans but to enhance the capabilities and contribution made by human beings. Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is another important concept at present toward which all the countries are switching globally. SCM is to drive economic growth of the country and to increase the quality of living life of the people through technology-based outcomes. AI plays an important role in forming the SCM implementation. This study focuses on the identification of the duties and responsibilities of the officials in executing the AI and to implement SCM. The study intends to collect data from stakeholders and experts who are related to the implementation of the SCM. A survey method has been followed and percentage analysis using MS excel has been used to do data analysis. The outcome of the research shows how the different levels of the organizational structure are having different duties and responsibilities to exhibit in executing the AI for SCM implementation. Also, the results and findings obtained for this research study would be of more useful to the policy makers and people who are responsible to take necessary decisions at each level of the organizational structure. This study contributes to the theory and practice of the organizational behavior on which the people working in each and every level or designation would learn their responsibilities and duties to be followed to use artificial intelligence in implementing smart cities in the Coimbatore district. The study result is also useful to the government officials who give sanctions to the smart cities projects in Tamil Nadu. Since determination of effective and appropriate organizational structure is very important before executing new schemes, this study aims to determine the same in Smart Cities Mission.