Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning and Design- Chapter 7: Deep learning in urban analysis for health

Elsevier, Artificial Intelligence in Urban Planning and Design, Technologies, Implementation, and Impacts, 2022, Pages 121-138
David William Newton

Image data of the built environment from remote sensing technologies has dramatically increased with the proliferation of satellite and aerial technologies. This deluge of image data has the potential to provide a clearer picture of how the built environment impacts human health but analyzing these large datasets manually is often impractical. This has hampered its use in the urban planning, urban design, and architecture fields, but advancements in automated image processing from the field of deep learning are providing new ways to use this resource to better understand the link between human health and the built environment. This chapter provides an overview of this emerging area of research and the challenges that need to be addressed to realize a new data-driven era of urban analysis and planning.