Biodegradability of Conventional Plastics - Chapter 12: Biodegradability of agricultural plastic waste

Elsevier, Biodegradability of Conventional Plastics: Opportunities, Challenges, and Misconceptions, Volume 1, 1 January 2022
Das P.P., Singh A., Chaudhary V., Gupta P., Gupta S.

Agriculture is an essential aspect of our society, but the increased use of plastics in agriculture is a major point to ponder. Researchers and scholars have endeavored to collect and use them properly as raw materials or energy sources. A variety of plastics and polymers are used in agriculture. Neither the plastics nor the polymers are biodegradable. Polymers that promise biodegradability are photodegradable, bioerodible, controlled biodegradable, hydrobiodegradable, or partially biodegradable. This chapter discusses the issues and consequences of agricultural plastic waste and the product safety associated with aesthetic pollution.