Building the Future of Food Safety Technology - Chapter 11: Food deserts and food insecurity: in tribal lands and from coast to coast

Elsevier, Building the Future of Food Safety Technology, Blockchain and Beyond, 2020, Pages 121-125
Darin Detwiler LP.D

This chapter explores the federal government’s definition of a “Food Desert” and “Food Insecurity.” Some 11–14% of US households were food secure throughout 2018, whereas 23% of Native Americans living on reservations are food insecure, with some of the poorest reservations experiencing levels of 50% or more. Food insecurity is strongly correlated with diet-related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, with rates in Native American populations more than double the national average. Food regulatory technologies can reduce food waste and have the potential to protect populations from foodborne illness through standards compliance. Furthermore, they can help stakeholders ensure that the most accurate data about food security are available to policymakers.