Chapter 2 - Current Research on Sexual Health and Teenagers

Elsevier, Teenagers, Sexual Health Information and the Digital Age, 2020, Pages 5-23
Kerr yMckella rBSC, MRES, PHD Elizabeth Sillence BSC (HONS), MSC, PHD

This chapter examines the literature around teenagers' sexual health. The chapter is split into five sections to provide greater clarity around the research problem. The first section provides an overview of teenage sexual health and discusses the different definitions of risky sexual behaviors. The second section provides an overview of the main theoretical models that are discussed in the literature, while the third section examines the predictors of risky sexual behaviors. The fourth section discusses sexual health issues in the digital world, and the final section focuses specifically on the issue of females from low socioeconomic status areas, as discussed briefly in the previous chapter, is the target group for our own research. Taken together, these sections provide an overview of the current research on sexual health and teenagers