Covid-19 Infections and Pregnancy - Chapter 2: Immunological Changes in Pregnancy and Its Relation to COVID-19 Infection

Elsevier, Covid-19 Infections and Pregnancy, 2021, Pages 23-37
Amr S. Hamza MD

This chapter describes the immunological adaptation to pregnancy. A special focus is drawn on the susceptibility to viral infections, especially COVID-19. Older literature refers to the pregnancy as an immunosuppressive state, while recent studies show an immunomodulation to adapt to the growing semiallograftic fetus. Despite this, pregnant women are not susceptible to all viral infections. Regarding influenza, pregnant women are not more susceptible to the infection, but more severe maternal courses. To prevent this, influenza vaccination is recommended for pregnant women. Based on the available evidence, pregnant patients are also not more susceptible to infection with regard to COVID-19 infection. Yet, more severe courses are described throughout gestation with the onset of obstetrical complications.