Covid-19 Infections and Pregnancy - Chapter 6: Prognosis and Outcomes of COVID-19 infection During Pregnancy

Elsevier, Covid-19 Infections and Pregnancy, 2021, Pages 145-165
Ahmed A. Wali MD and Shimaa M. Abd-El-Fatah MD

The pathophysiology of COVID-19 and pregnancy physiology intertwine in mysterious ways; thus, studying outcomes and prognosis in pregnant women with this new disease is an emerging concern. In this chapter, two main parts are presented; the first part discusses the effect of pregnancy on COVID-19, whether pregnant women are more susceptible to the disease, the different course of the disease and its severity in the pregnant population compared with the general population, and specific reference to COVID-19 complications in pregnant women. Also, the need for hospitalization, intensive care, and mechanical ventilation is reviewed. On the other hand, the second part of the chapter presents the effect of COVID-19 on pregnancy and discusses different maternal, fetal, and neonatal morbidities, including the possibility of vertical transmission, which could be caused by COVID-19 in this vulnerable group. Furthermore, maternal and perinatal mortality rates are discussed.