Diabetes Digital Health: Chapter 11 - Socioeconomic factors: access to and use of diabetes technologies

Elsevier, Diabetes Digital Health, 2020, Pages 145-157
Samantha A. Barry Menkhaus, David V. Wagner, Maggie Stoeckel, and Michael A. Harris

This chapter addresses digital health interventions, including access to and use of these interventions by people of lower SES (P-LSES). In most cases, as technologies have progressed, they have become increasingly promising in their potential to meet the distinct needs of this high-risk group; however, it is largely unclear at this time whether these technologies are effective tools for P-LSES with diabetes, as research specific to this group has been limited. Future research must focus on digital technologies that are both purposefully designed for and thoughtfully delivered to individuals of lower SES; otherwise, technologies may further increase already existing disparities in diabetes outcomes across socioeconomic groups.