Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Second Edition - Societal Implications of Kenya's Inland and Marine Waters

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Second Edition, Volume 4, 2022, Pages 47-57
K.O. Obiero, A.O. Achieng, C.S. Nyamweya, H.O. Onyango, B. Opaa, Z.M. Ajode, J.M.Munguti

Kenya's inland and marine waters harbor exceptional high biodiversity and provide critical ecosystem goods and services to the riparian communities, ranging from drinking water, flood protection, water filtration, carbon storage, food supplies, tourism, and healthy well-being. However, these vital ecosystems and livelihood support systems are threatened by multiple human-induced drivers and stressors at different levels. This chapter focuses on a comprehensive review of Kenya's inland, coastal and marine resources, and their associated stressors and threats to ecological integrity, key recommendations that can be harnessed to promote societal benefits and enhance sustainable management of these aquatic resources.