Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Vol. 3 - Nanomaterial for CO2 Sequestration

Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials: Nanomaterial for CO2 Sequestration, Volume 3, 2020
Banerjee, P., Mukhopadhayay, A., Das, P.

Unmonitored utilization of fossil fuels have resulted in alarming rates of carbon dioxide emissions and therefore exerted detrimental impacts on global environment (like global warming, climate change, etc.) in recent times. These environmental issues may be mitigated by utilization of sustainable alternatives for satiating human thirst for energy. However, in comparison to all alternative sources of energy investigated so far, carbonaceous fuels have retained their popularity due to their versatile application as primary energy source. In such a scenario, conventional strategies of carbon sequestration and storage necessitate appropriate up-scaling and modification. The present article reviews and compiles various nanomaterials reported in recent literature for post-combustion CO2 capture and conversion to valuable products.