Endocrine Disruption and Human Health (Second Edition): Chapter 23 - Protecting Against Endocrine Disruption Using Green and Sustainable Chemistry: Hope for the Future

Elsevier, Endocrine Disruption and Human Health (Second Edition), 2022, Pages 485-498
Genoa R. Warner and Natalie J. O'Neil

This chapter introduces the fields of green and sustainable chemistry and outlines how they can be applied to the stewardship of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The goal of green and sustainable chemistry is to create chemical technologies with strong technical performance that are also safe for human health and the environment. Challenges for designing safer chemicals without endocrine-disrupting properties are discussed, including avoiding regrettable substitution, designing against toxicity and persistence, and strategies for mitigation. Preserving the health of future generations will require multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations to avoid repeating past mistakes. The chapter closes by discussing the role of education in providing hope for the future.