Herbal Medicines: A Boon for Healthy Human Life - Chapter 4 Alternate medicinal approach for the treatment of depression/mood disorder

Elsevier, Herbal Medicines: A Boon for Healthy Human Life, Volume , 1 January 2022
Swalih P. Ahmed, Mehdi H.Shahi, Mohammad Afzal, Asif Alia

Depression is the fourth leading cause of disability and more than 300 million people are suffering worldwide. WHO estimates that depression will be the leading cause of global disability by 2030. There are various factors involved in the depression progression but exact mechanism is still not clear. Genetics and environmental factors make depression one of the complex diseases. Various types of stresses like natural calamity, various abuses, financial crisis, family dispute, social isolation, etc are responsible for depression. Various antidepressant drugs, including herbal medicine, are suppressing the reuptake of neurotransmitters in the brain. Different type of depression treatment available but Current psychiatric drugs cause many induced side effects, such as sexual dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, dependency, weight gain, etc. Herbal medicines can solve this problem to some extent. Because of that, this review paper discusses herbal medicine role in depression and some examples. There is still much study needed to explore how herbal medicine helps treat depression and how to use herbal medicine in Depression.