The Inequality of COVID-19: Chapter 8 - Unequal virus beyond 2020: paths forward

Elsevier, The Inequality of COVID-19, Immediate Health Communication, Governance and Response in Four Indigenous Regions, 2022, Pages 241-258
Eric E. Otenyo and Lisa J. Hardy

Since the onset of COVID-19, governments across the globe have been adopting an adapting generic pandemic mitigation policy, including increasing awareness of the dangers of the disease and relying on public–private partnerships to reduce the spread of the virus. There exists a social science knowledge base on what works how and why. This chapter explores areas in which future government responses to similar pandemics should be modeled. The COVID-19 experience suggests the need for an assortment of government actions including increased investments in shrinking the digital divide, public health infrastructures, and initiation of policies that correctly assess risks to human life and livelihoods.