Modern Cartography Series: Chapter 15 - Land reclamation, management, and planning in coastal region: a geoinformatics approach

Elsevier, Modern Cartography Series, Volume 10, 2021, Pages 313-335
Gouri Sankar Bhunia, Uday Chatterjee, Pravat Kumar Shit

Over the years, significant surges have been observed in coastal land reclamation efforts to resolve conflicts between humans and land resources, posing enormous issues for coastal reclamation planning, sustainable growth, and conservation of the coastal ecosystem. The key aim of this chapter is to highlight coastal management problems related to the reclamation process that have been addressed through geoinformatics. The findings of the study carried out offer a detailed overview of the quantity and quality of research materials reported thus far on the subject of the recycling process, remote sensing, and Geographical Information System innovations. It is also strongly suggested that the planning of integrated coastal zone management strategies for all coastal zones be taken as a proactive step toward safe and balanced use of coastal zone land, water, and ecological resources, taking due account of the trade-off between economic growth and sustainable development.