Not Just Bad Kids: Chapter 20 - Let's talk about race

Elsevier, Not Just Bad Kids, The Adversity and Disruptive Behavior Link 2022, Pages 569-594
Akeem Nassor Marsh, Lara Jo Cox, Jessica Linick, and Qortni A. Lang

A series of major global events during 2020, particularly in the United States, have forced us to confront the ugly truth that racism in all its forms is ever present. Regardless of our identity, we all must deal with elements of this in our daily lives, as it is deeply embedded throughout society and in our bodies. The essence of racism-related trauma is in the strong emotional responses elicited, the gross violence we experience, and the ensuing profound impact on our collective mental health. While they come as no surprise, the various posttraumatic reactions secondary to the ongoing intergenerational complex trauma of racism, oppression, and colonialism have gone unrecognized as such. The authors will explore these topics with emphasis on the benefits and challenges of talking with youth about race and identity, strategies for coping, and ways that we can help promote racial healing in ourselves and our communities.