Resilient and Sustainable Cities - Chapter 33 - Sustainable development in hydro-drought regions by improving hydro-indicators

Elsevier, Resilient and Sustainable Cities: Research, Policy and Practice, 2023, Pages 625-647
Abdol Aziz Shahraki

Water scarcity and its upcoming consequences threaten hydro-drought-affected cities. Protection and improvement of urban water resources for the sake of resilient and sustainable urban development are necessary. Predicting the trend of hydro-drought in a case study city with statistical data assists in mitigating the threat. Eleven hydro-drought variables contribute to analytical surveys about urban hydro-sustainability from the past to the present and the future. This perusal suggests a mathematical model that predicts the future of urban water resources. It introduces projects to improve the situation of drought-affected cities by maintaining and saving local water resources.

The assumption is that water resources conservation projects based on strategic planning will change current failed urban development to a progressive outlook in resiliency.