Shaping the Future of Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Towards Technological Advances and Service Innovations - Chapter 5 The COVID-19 pandemic and child and adolescent mental health—what has been learned and lessons for the future

Elsevier, Adolescent Mental Health Towards Technological Advances and Service Innovations 2023, Pages 111-144
Tamsin Newlove-Delgado, Frances Mathews, Lauren Cross, Eva Wooding, Tamsin Ford

Children and young people have arguably been the group most affected by the societal response to COVID-19. The quality of the evidence base globally on the impact of COVID-19 on child mental health is highly variable. However, it is clear that the pandemic has been associated with an overall deterioration in mental health in children and young people at a population level, but with evidence of unequal impacts on different groups. This chapter draws on the available evidence at the time of writing to provide an overview of a spectrum of topics, from the effects of acute COVID-19 illness on children and young people, to the impact on at-risk groups, and access to mental health services and education during the pandemic, as well as discussing the implications and recommendations for research, practice, and policy.