Sustainable Food Systems from Agriculture to Industry - Introduction to Sustainable Food Production

Elsevier, Sustainable Food Systems from Agriculture to Industry, Improving Production and Processing, 2018, Pages 3-46
"Renan O. Zocca, Pedro D. Gaspar, Pedro D. da Silva, Jose Nunes, and Luís P. de Andrade "

This chapter presents an overview of the current production methods for food and food ingredients, and describes the options for making healthier foods in a more sustainable manner. The current manner of producing food products has a large impact on the environment. Three main causes are responsible for inefficiencies in food production. Those are the increased use of products from animal origin, the inefficient use of food products once produced, resulting in waste generation, and the current setup of food processes and processing chains. This chapter summarizes the recent developments and sketches future scenarios for novel designs of food processes and process chains aimed at reduced environmental impact.