Business Partnerships for the Global Goals: Advances in Latin America and the Caribbean

Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean are demonstrating strong commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. An overwhelming majority of companies in the region — 80 per cent — report that they are taking action on the Agenda’s 17 Global Goals, which is the highest anywhere in the world. Latin America and the Caribbean are leading the way through engagement with key stakeholders from all sectors of society, because they know the 2030 Agenda will require partnerships and collaboration as never before.

Companies in the region are also proactively participating in critical policy dialogues and advocating for an enabling environment for responsible business. At the United Nations Global Compact, we are proud of the work of our Local Networks in the region for helping companies address common challenges on the ground and for providing support where they need it most.

Together, business, Governments, the UN, civil society, academia and Global Compact Local Networks in Latin America and the Caribbean are finding new opportunities to partner and create the world we all want by 2030.