Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine - Chapter 4: Advancing equity in the promise of pharmacogenomics

Elsevier, Clinical Decision Support for Pharmacogenomic Precision Medicine: Foundations and Implementation, 2022, Pages 85-106
Fohner A.E., Killam S.R., Volk K.G., Woodahl E.L.

There is great potential benefit in using genetics to guide drug dosage and choosing the correct medications for patients. The prior chapters introduce clinical decision support (CDS) as a tool to guide clinicians in using pharmacogenomic tests to guide care. The goal of this chapter is to bring attention to the inequity in access to pharmacogenomic implementation efforts and how CDS can address this issues. To realize the benefits of pharmacogenomic CDS and to contribute to health equity, we urge teams implementing pharmacogenomic CDS to embrace transparency and education, and to utilize a learning health system approach to continuously gather data and fill in existing gaps in pharmacogenomics knowledge.