Podcast: Courageous Workplace Conversations About Racial Inequality

XpertHR, 27th July 2020

In our continued look at diversity and inclusion issues, corporate culture consultant Joy Stephens joins XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld to discuss the importance of having serious conversations in the workplace about racial inequality to create greater understanding among employees. That includes raising questions with your management team.

"If black people make up 10% or 11% of the country, why don't they make up 10% or 11% of the leadership team?" asked Stephens. "If you have an all-white executive board, ask yourself why." Noting that diversity is no longer an expendable line item, Stephens said she would like to see these conversations extend to other marginalized groups. "The differently abled, LGBT employees and others also suffer from microaggressions," noted Stephens. "All of them need that same attention."