The SDG Impact of COVID-19: The view of Susan Myers, Strategic Advisor at Goal 17 Partners

26th May 2020

In this segment, RELX’s Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Dr Márcia Balisciano, talks to Susan Myers, Strategic Advisor at Goal 17 Partners.

Susan is currently serving as an adviser to several organizations including the UN World Food Programme, a social impact firm called 196, where she advises corporate clients on their strategies on the Sustainable Development Goals, and Goal 17 Partners, a not for profit organization that provides a platform for private-private collaboration toward sustainability, equality and accessibility. She has a 20-year long tenure working with the UN and the global policy-making community, most recently as Senior Vice President of the UN Foundation where she managed the organization’s unique relationship with the UN and led its presence in New York. Susan has worked with leaders from the UN, government, business, civil society and academia, brokering partnerships and building efforts to drive progress on global development, and is especially passionate about the transformative potential of the private sector as a force for realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also active in her local community as a Board Member of Community Lifestyle in Hoboken, NJ and as an avid cyclist.