Proagrica is driving evidence-based production to feed the increasing world population

Proagrica data landscape infographic
Proagrica, 14 June 2017

There will be 9.6 billion people in the world by 2050, so at Proagrica we’re focused on providing critical decision support to enable the agriculture industry to feed the world more sustainably into the future. Evidence-based Production, a method of farming that embraces technology and utilizes data to improve on-farm production, is at the heart of Agility, the new data analytics platform, bringing critical insight to support higher-yielding and more efficient farming practices.

There is a vast amount of data spread across the agricultural landscape and Agility is consolidating, organising, and enhancing this data to improve profitability of the farmer and drive value to every participant in the supply chain, using the Adaptris technology combined with HPCC, the best-in-class big data capability. Enhanced traceability for better provenance, enriched market insights, and greater visibility across the entire supply chain will enable better decision-making at an individual business level, as well as better stewardship of chemistry and use of the agricultural resources.