SDG 1 News Graphic

Nexis Newsdesk™ has created graphics on the SDGs and the Global Media Landscape, offering charts & insights into global media coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Goal 1 key findings:

  • High-income countries dominated No Poverty reporting. Except Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany, high income countries primarily published negative coverage focused on low-income countries. U.N. press releases and announcements heavily influenced the tone of No Poverty reporting within high-income countries.
  • Among the leading high-income countries that published reports on No Poverty, outlets within Spain, the U.K. and Germany placed a larger focus on SDGs within their own countries, while reports published within the United States almost exclusively placed a negative focus on other countries globally.
  • American sources reported on the E.U.’s global fishing activities, where they stated that the Union lacks transparency and that their activities are not built on fairness and sustainability.
  • Low/middle-income countries published reports about local and global SDG progress with mixed sentiment, where Nigeria and India published the largest volume of negative No Poverty coverage.
  • Media outlets within Sudan and Egypt often mentioned No Poverty in passing, where they discussed the importance being placed on the goal by their respective governments. However, stories published within these countries did not report specific initiatives being carried out.