SDG 10 News Graphic

Nexis Newsdesk™ has created graphics on the SDGs and the Global Media Landscape, offering charts & insights into global media coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Goal 10 key findings:

  • The Reduced Inequalities goal did not receive prominent mentions within international media. Most mentions of the goal were made in passing, where reports focused on a company or a university contributing to various SDGs, including Reduced Inequalities, while placing a stronger focus on another goal. One percent of SDG 10 reports in Spain provided information on the country’s progress towards achieving the goal, where their initiatives and progress were covered positively.
  • Similar to reports in Spain, majority of reports in the United States, the U.K., Canada and Australia only mentioned the goal in passing, while focusing on other goals such as Zero Hunger and environmental-oriented goals such as Climate Action.
  • American sources almost exclusively published reports focusing on other countries, particularly countries in Africa. During this monitoring period, five percent of American outlets mentioned ‘Reduced Inequalities’ or ‘Inequalities’ in the headline of the article.
  • Reports published in China, the leading middle-income source of SDG 10 coverage, followed similar trends to that of high-income countries; While most reports mentioned the goal in passing, few prominent mentions of the goal discussed China’s SDG 10 progress highly positively.
  • News outlets within 60 countries published five articles or less on Reduced Inequalities, with 17 percent of them accounting for high-income countries; The Netherlands was the leading high-income country that produced the least coverage on the goal, followed by Saudi Arabia and Italy.
  • Overall, news outlets within Qatar, Ireland, Bahrain, Denmark and Israel produced the least Reduced Inequalities coverage.