IAFSS agenda 2030 for a fire safe world

Elsevier, Fire Safety Journal, Volume 110, 2019, 102889, ISSN 0379-7112,
Margaret McNamee, Brian Meacham, Patrick van Hees, Luke Bisby, W.K. Chow, Alexis Coppalle, Ritsu Dobashi, Bogdan Dlugogorski, Rita Fahy, Charles Fleischmann, Jason Floyd, Edwin R Galea, Michael Gollner, Tuula Hakkarainen, Anthony Hamins, Longhua Hu, Peter Johnson, Björn Karlsson, Bart Merci, Yoshifuni Ohmiya, Guillermo Rein, Arnaud Trouvé, Yi Wang, Beth Weckman

The International Association of Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) is comprised of members from some 40 countries. This paper presents the Association's thinking, developed by the Management Committee, concerning pressing research needs for the coming 10 years presented as the IAFSS Agenda 2030 for a Fire Safe World. The research needs are couched in terms of two broad Societal Grand Challenges: (1) climate change, resiliency and sustainability and (2) population growth, urbanization and globalization. The two Societal Grand Challenges include significant fire safety components, that lead both individually and collectively to the need for a number of fire safety and engineering research activities and actions. The IAFSS has identified a list of areas of research and actions in response to these challenges. The list is not exhaustive, and actions within actions could be defined, but this paper does not attempt to cover all future needs.