Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities - Chapter 1: Improving library services to people with print disabilities:the role of technology in public libraries

Elsevier, Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities, Chandos Information Professional Series, 2007, Pages 1-20
Matthew Tylee Atkinson and Jatinder Dhiensa

Traditionally, the term ‘library’ refers to a collection of books and journals. However, the ready availability of books, journals, papers, maps, artwork and other formats in libraries today allows the user to access a vast amount of information. This is further increased by electronic technologies that enable information to be stored in a range of formats. In this respect, the library is a tremendous source of information. Public libraries are the primary source for information queries from users with disabilities. To ensure that they can continue to provide this function, librarians must constantly address both the barriers that people with disabilities face when accessing information and the tools available to help people overcome these barriers.