Microalgae Cultivation for Biofuels Production - Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Microalgae Cultivation

Elsevier, Microalgae Cultivation for Biofuels Production, 2020, Pages 1-9
Abu Yousuf

Microalgae have gained attention in the past few decades due to their potential applications in many areas such as food supplements, lipids, enzymes, biomass, polymers, toxins, pigments, wastewater treatment, animal feed, and green energy. To culture microalgae in industrial scale and make them commercially viable, it is essential to study in depth their characteristics, cultivation system, and factors affecting the cultivation. Microbial lipid is the most attractive component of microalgae to produce biofuels. Competence of lipid production by microalgae is highly dependent on the cost of reactor design, wide range of nutritional substrates, scalability, parasitic energy demand, metabolic function, etc. Therefore, this chapter describes the fundamental issues of microalgae and their cultivation.