The Sepsis Codex: Chapter 27 - Factors Underlying Racial and Gender Disparities in Sepsis Management

The Sepsis Codex, 2023, Pages 247-255
Ryoung-Eun Ko, Gee Young Suh

Sepsis is a common life-threatening condition associated with high mortality and long-term morbidity in survivors. Despite the standardization of sepsis management, wide variability in mortality rates persists, suggesting the presence of healthcare disparities in sepsis. Patient, hospital, and community-dependent factors can affect racial and gender disparities in sepsis management. This chapter reviews several patient, hospital, and community-based factors that promote racial and gender disparities in sepsis. With an understanding of these factors, we propose potential interventions to prevent healthcare disparities in sepsis prevention, early detection, and proper management. Further research is required to better understand the complex association between race and gender disparities and sepsis.