Women's Empowerment Principles Gap Analysis Tool

The Women's Empowerment Principles Gap Analysis Tool (WEPs Tool) helps companies identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve their performance on gender equality.

The tool is:

  • Grounded in the WEPs Principles and uses a global framework that has strong support from business, the UN, governments, and civil society.
  • Business Driven as it was developed in consultation with more than 170 companies. The questions are based on real-life company practice, international standards, and indicators.
  • A free, user-friendly, and strictly confidential online platform that helps companies to assess current policies and programmes, highlight areas for improvement, and identify opportunities to set future corporate goals and targets. Results are provided in a concise and clear format so companies can easily identify areas for improvement.

Companies can use the tool to:

  • Assess the company’s strategic approach to gender equality.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Learn about best practices on gender equality globally.
  • Set concrete goals and targets, and measure progress over time.
  • Benchmark against peers and industry standards.
  • Leverage global gender equality resources to guide future actions.
  • Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by investing in women and girls and Making Global Goals, Local Business.