2020 Vision Action Platform for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Webinar

United Nations Global Compact, 5 September 2018

Peace, justice and strong institutions are core to sustainable business — they are the foundation not only for business responsibilities, but also business success. However, it can be difficult to understand concretely how these concepts relate to a business’s strategies, operations and relationships. The United Nations Global Compact is pleased to announce plans for a new Action Platform to address this challenge.

Consistent with the spirit of the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — particularly Goal 16 — the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Action Platform aims to provide global business standards in understanding, implementing and reporting on business engagement in these areas. The platform also seeks to provide a forum for businesses, civil society, investors, Governments and the UN to engage in meaningful dialogue that results in concrete action towards improving accountability, integrity and transparency within businesses and the countries in which they operate. In this webinar, the UN Global Compact provide an overview of their “2020 Vision”