Forensic observations and recommendations on sexual and gender based violence in Kenya

Elsevier, Forensic Science International: Synergy, Volume 1, 2019
Shako K., Kalsi M.
Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Kenya is highly complex requiring a multi-sectoral approach for comprehensive management. This complexity is worsened by the acceptance of Sexual Violence within a patriarchal society, harmful traditional and cultural practices, breakdown of law and order especially during electoral periods, all heightened by abject poverty. There are numerous programs on interventions costing millions in local and foreign currency, however grave gaps still exist at key levels across all sectors even after years of continued intervention. The overall lack of specialist forensic knowledge required to strengthen key service provision contributes to the rise of many parallel and poor quality approaches. The challenges that victims face in accessing justice are tremendous while suspects' rights to a fair trial requires serious evaluation. The value of specialist forensic service provision in achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 16 in Kenya or in a developing country context cannot be underestimated.