Human-environmental interaction with extreme hydrological events and climate change scenarios as background

Elsevier, Geography and Sustainability, Volume 3, September 2022
Sanchez-Garcia C., Francos M.

Climate change significantly impacts the lives of all people. Global change is composed of multiple factors that affect the population differently, having a very significant impact in the Mediterranean area. Human beings, through their actions, try to mitigate this impact and thus generate a more resilient society. Extreme hydrological events are affected by this climate change, with torrential rainfall events and severe droughts becoming frequent. Understanding these trends will allow us to better adapt to future conditions. This study aims to analyse catastrophic floods and severe droughts from paleo studies to studies that focus on future projections. For this purpose, a search for information has been carried out through other studies over the last five years to have a current perspective of this situation. Studies point to changes in the dynamics of floods and droughts, not only worsening the extremes but also affecting the average values of the records of each. In addition, the studies point out that anthropic action is accelerating the changes, with human beings and their capacity to adapt being inferior to the velocity of this global change. It is necessary to generate a paradigm shift in terms of global production by trying to adapt to future extreme flood and drought hazards.